Managing compromised hosts doesn’t have to be expensive or cumbersome

TEAMARES introduces DeimosC2 – the easier to use, open-source Command and Control tool that won’t break the bank

About DeimosC2

Red teams now have an alternative to managing post-exploitation issues: DeimosC2, developed by TEAMARES offensive security experts looking to give back to the community with a free tool to help teams conduct testing efficiently and effectively.

Designed with a robust functionality, our DeimosC2 can be extended in any language. Teams can conduct post-exploitation on any major Operating System (OS), including Android devices, addressing the lack of defensive capabilities that are available on enterprise devices.


Our Team

TEAMARES is comprised of red and blue team professionals with more than a decade of experience conducting offensive and defensive security investigation and research for a wide array of industries.

Features Include:


A UI that allows for ease of use and supports multiple users for collaboration


Multiple Listener and Agent communication methods such as TCP, HTTPS, DNS over HTTPS (DoH), and QUIC


Pivot capabilities over TCP


Extendable functionality that can be written in multiple languages


Written in Golang for cross compatibility on all major operating systems


API over WebSockets allowing for scriptable functionality


Archive and replay functionality post-testing so users can restore listeners, loot, and other critical information to the database